Higher burden of proof in local areas? We think not!

Been hearing it more frequently now, as Americans become more aware, of the term “burden of proof”.  This has been typically used in the court room by judges and court administrators to feel a need to justify their crimes before the American people.  Their is no court in our country which should ever have a higher or lower burden of proof.  It should all be the same, shouldn’t it. Nevertheless, somehow, local municipalities feel they have the right to claim a higher burden of proof, as a smokescreen to justify their use of unconstitional practices in Court.  I could talk all day long giving examples of judges and attorneys, all of whom are beholden to the American Bar Association, violating Americans rights in court, all in the name of a “higher burden of proof”.  C apish!   Let me address the elephant standing in the room, looking right at us.  Where, within God’s Great Love, did “local” peace officers and court room administrators (judges) get permission to justify a higher burden of proof, and to use it liberally violating our Constitutional rights?  Is anyone asking this looming question?  Is it actually true, or is it just a bold faced lie?  A fiction perpetuated in living color, in plain site, before the American people who somehow forgot that they have a right to withdraw consent, any time they choose.

Folks their is no higher burden of proof.  They just made this up, and created a fictional statute or local ordinance, to give it fake plastic Dracula teeth.  The teeth are not real, they are plastic.  The constitution is still in force, full and complete, regardless of the court room venue, local or not.  No one ever gave them permission to disregard the Law.  Local judges do not have permission to just make up their own version of the constitution while presiding over the American people in their local municipal court. The burden of proof is the same as it is in Superior court.

Don’t let them get away with this.  Put your foot down and say, “I do not consent to this practice”.  It is your right as a Sovereign American.  Until the American people start using their authority over these corporate hired employees of state, they will continue to try and lie, cheat and decieve the American people, right in front of us, in plain sight.

Stay tuned, their is lots more to come on this topic throughout all of my blogs, and many others.

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